Stake Everything

by Why Everyone Left

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Rachel Cosner
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Rachel Cosner Absolutely fell in love with these guys after hearing "It's Not Me, That's Hopeless," immediately bought as much gear as I could from them. I seriously recommend giving them a listen!
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    1. The Shot
    2. It's Not Me, That's Hopeless
    3. Passion First
    4. Battlefield
    5. No Messages
    6. Outro
    8. Accidentally In Love (Counting Crows cover) (Bonus Track)

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released January 7, 2014

Composed and recorded by the band itself.
Produced by Enzo Cappucci.



all rights reserved


Why Everyone Left Modena, Italy

Catchy melodies and heavy riffs.
Enzo Cappucci - Voice
Lorenzo Baroni - Guitar
Luca Bi - Bass
Luca Incerti - Drums


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Track Name: The Shot
Who ever told "this is your deadline"?
cause I'm placing my feet on it
what I see is just a starting block
I'm waiting the shot and then I'll run
(take a breath) the journey of your life's just started
(wait the shot)

We're gonna make some history,
tonight we stake everything
tomorrow morning is a mistery
don't take any plans for breakfast
now you better pick the phone,
call your dears and tell them you're not coming home

[I've been mocked so many fuckin' times]
But here I am in frontline, like everytime
And I proudly show my battle scars

I'm waiting for the shot and then I'll run
Track Name: It's Not Me, That's Hopeless
Are you sure that
What you are doin's right?
That you don't need to fight
Against monotony, against an uncolored life?
Same old routine is a slow death

Are you trying to exploit all your time?
Cause you don't really know
What kind of fortunes you have to expect
Once this life is gone


I packed my bags I'm gonna leave town tonight
We'll make a mess from here to the world's line
We'll live the rest of (our) life following the sun
And growin' up

I will show you all what I'm made of
This place would have slowly killed me
(I'll have no regrets in my life,
I'll be stronger)
You won't believe your eyes when I'll come back

People always think to know everything
They would have taught me how to stay in this society
But then I figured out I may have some problem
Because I just can't listen to you
It started all when I got out from the high school
You told me "wait to breathe, it's time for university"
I'll make my choices
But it's not your responsibility
Cause you don't even have to choose for me
I'll try to become what I want to be

You'll stop to laugh when you'll realize what you are
That swear against God does not make you smart
I see you desperate cause you lost your chances
To take your life out OF THIS SHIT!
Track Name: Passion First
The only one that's missing is you
But I hope you won't show your face in here
cause that's not your place
you won't join this race
it is out of your business
just cause everyone else is getting on
they don't know the meaning of the words
"no stops" "no changes" and "one way run"
and they may will never understand

Put your passion first,
don't give up if your pockets are empty
Never be afraid
to ask the kitchen what there's inside
Sober's not enough
to say you clearly know what to do
Stop to tell yourself
"tomorrow I'll change" cause that's a surrender

Stuck inside a world where nothing's really set to last
They'll give you fake gods to adore and ideals with an expiry date
How you fit in a place like that?
if you stay there don't count on me
You'll never understand

All you ever wanted was to have a personality
But now your clothes are too tight, the shirtneck is choking you and you feel like
Track Name: Battlefield
Step up, cause you haven't seen anything yet, the worst is yet to come
If that punch still hurts you won't resist more than a couple months
Everything's a simple number, money's the only thing to count
You'll soon learn how people get enslaved by things they think they own
[When will you understand that they already won?]

There is a list with your name (on) and you can't take it off
You bring an invisible chain
You had no second choice cause they made you sign the day you're born
It will be late when you will wake

Every public place you go you see tons of red eyes on walls
Every single step you take, both true or fake, it's all recorded
[How do you fell free in this world?]
don't try to escape the answer
[How do you react, caught in the act?]
I used to like The Truman Show, but then I understood

You'll never make me yours before I fall
Have you realized you're standing on my battlefield?
Track Name: No Messages
It's 2 a.m., he didn't call you
and you've been waiting for that all day long
so now you're staring at the window
not knowing what to do's the thing you hate most
what if he met a better girl than you (at the mall)
n'they fell in love each other instantly? (at first sight)
they took a flight to Vegas
they're goin' to get married tomorrow
and you're all alone

Someone will tell you that you're making all the worst mistakes you could have made
your mind is always overclocked, a million thoughts per second takes you away
you can be both home and anywhere else in the world when you got that absent face
at least you always keep that smile

this is the story of that kind of girl
who forgets umbrella everytime at home
she loves when it rains, but hates to get hair wet
she dreams one day to live in Paris
then she wakes, and she's all alone

Cause when you smile
the world around you
stops for a while
Track Name: Track 7 (bonus)
I don't want a chip in my head (FUCK IT)
I don't want a chip in my skin
I don't want that fucking shit