Been Home Enough

by Why Everyone Left

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    1. The Only Promise
    2. Do It Again
    3. Anxiety
    4. Long Nights And Drives
    5. Pack Your Sh*t
    6. Friends' Theme Song (Cover) (Bonus)
    7. Ten Thousand Times (Bonus)

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released March 15, 2016

All Songs written and recorded by Enzo Cappucci
"Pack Your Sh*t" recorded by Raffaele Torelli and Enzo Cappucci
"The Only Promise" written by Enzo Cappucci and Luca Incerti
Mixed and mastered by Giampiero Ulacco
Produced by Enzo Cappucci
© 2016 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Why Everyone Left Modena, Italy

Catchy melodies and heavy riffs.
Enzo Cappucci - Voice
Lorenzo Baroni - Guitar
Luca Bi - Bass
Luca Incerti - Drums


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Track Name: The Only Promise
When will you face up the fact
That I'm happy this way
Even not following your plans?
I know you have stability
A big house and salary
But your look is grey and your eyes are so tired

Honestly I cannot imagine
A life where I keep my feet on the ground
Even though I can fly

Everybody keep telling me "When will you
Start considering serious things?"
What would that mean?
The only promise I can make to you
Is that I'll always be myself

Wake up at 10
On a cold floor with my best friends
And then 4 hours in the van
My only certainty is that I feel alive
No money on my credit card
But every night we party hard
Collecting memories
That's why we carry on!

Look at me, try to remember
The last time you thought what you were living
Was uncomparable
Track Name: Do It Again
No way back from here
I swear you will never see my face again

Every scar I got reminds me of you
The ones you see are the smaller part of what you did
I guess I'm stronger than I thought
Winter's gone but you are still so cold
I think I'm finally moving on

Do it again
Just hit me with your skinny hands
Now I feel better than ever
All that I need is you to believe
I'll never return here again
You say you're sure that I won't last
But I know I finally love my life
Without you

No way back from here
I swear you will never see my face again
Everything now is clear
I have been waiting for nothing
Now I feel ready to move in a new direction
Far away from here

I've been near to the breakdown
Could only count on time
You look unbreakable
But I can see all your cracks
Come on hit me with all your strength
I'm ready
Don't you really understand?
Track Name: Anxiety
Another night spent up without a purpose
Always tired and always nervous
Sinking in an ocean of regrets and groundless fears
What the fuck you want from me?
I never asked for anything
I'm just a kid
How can you think that I can stand
All of this?
Oh I knew it you would come back
Over and over again Anxiety
(You'll never be alone)

Will this ever be over?
You're taking the best of me I can feel you're here
In my veins and you're poison
I'm faking a smile but
I'll never be the same

So I wake up
Every night heavy breathing
Nothing surrounds me but the fear
It's right there behind me
I hear it laughing at me

Everything I swore I'd never be now it's happening (It's happening)
It's like a nightmare but I guess I'll never wake (You're not asleep)
Lately when I talk to people
I always wanna know
All of their worst worries
Cause I need to know
That It's not just me

I'll never thank you enough
For all the time you've been
Present when everything I counted on was away from me
I'll never thank you enough
For every single time
That you made believe that the only thing left to do
Was to cry
When all the frameworks fell off on me
And the weight of the entire world was on my knees
I'll never thank you enough

I'll never be the same again
Track Name: Long Nights And Drives
I made a mountain in the backyard
With all the promises you made
There are no second chances
Soaked all with a tank of kerosene

When you'll wake you'll find an empty vocal message on your phone
I just called tonight
To tell you that I'm not missing you

Two months have passed so fast
Do you remember I'm terrible
At lying?

Everything you left here now is burning
Like every single book you've read
And all the memories in my head
Every picture of you that I found here is burning

Thank god you're out of my life
Now I can finally sleep at night
At the entrance I left the light on
And your key's under the doormat

Don't you think I'm miserable
I always went to movies on my own

Two months have passed so fast
Even forgot your birthday
Was last monday

I can finally start again

This is the end of my darkest mornings
Long nights and drives with your favourite songs on
As I'm driving in the rain

Nothing here will stay the same
I swear I'm trying to leave you behind my back
I can finally turn the page
Starting from today
I'm doin' the best I can
I just want to be fine again
Track Name: Pack Your Sh*t
This time
I'm on the edge
And I promise you that I won't look down
This is the time I realize
That everything is going down

It's hard to say but truth is that
I'm givin' up with everything to do with you
I think we've just come to an end
Cause everything I did was only wasted time
Words I spent had no real meaning after all
Cause you were never listening

And I've been trying
To understand you
But you were lying
And I can't stand you now

(This is the time of my life when I realize I need to believe in something)

I can't fall asleep
Cause of all these voices running through my mind
Will they ever let me live?
I can barely breath
And you keep telling me “Just another mile”
But I just don't see the end

[DON'T TALK] anymore
I've just had enough of your excuses
[FUCK] Do I really look so dumb?
(I never believed you)
I'm sick of waiting
For you to change and
I need to make the best choice for me
Don't you try to put me in my place

(This is the time of my life when I realize I need to get in trouble)

Why don't you pack your shit right now and forget everything that we used to be till now?
Why don't you pack your shit right now and get out of my life?
Cause I don't wanna see you again

(That's the time when I realize that I will never trust you)